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What are Rubber based Adhesives?

There are various types of adhesives but at Atlas we produce Rubber based Adhesives (Contact Adhesives) which must be applied to both surfaces and allowed some time to dry before the two surfaces are pushed together. Some contact adhesives require as long as 24 hours to dry before the surfaces are to be held together. Once the surfaces are pushed together, the bond forms very quickly. It is usually not necessary to apply pressure for a long time.

1.) Neosol®” AA – 700 Brushable Rubber Adhesive.


It is a Synthetic Rubber based adhesive in solvent solution with over 22 % Solid Content. It is dark brown in colour and is most suitable for Leather to Leather, Wood to Plastic, Glass to Ceramic, Rubber to wood and many other applications. Pack

Pack Sizes : 25 Ltr, 20 Ltr, 5 Ltr, 1 Ltr, ½ Ltr & 200 ml

  • The Breadth of applicability is broad due to a large range of substrates for assembly.
  • Flexibility is good as the rubber helps resist impact, shear, elongation, vibration and peel stresses.
  • The Adhesion Properties Rubbers impart adequate strength to the joints under peeling forces.
  • For each family of rubber, several grades, different chemical modifications and additives can impart specific properties to joints.
  • Atlas’s adhesives are immediately adhesive, which is important for contact and pressure-sensitive applications.